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The New Einstein is a Woman with a Cuban Background

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  • The New Einstein is a Woman with a Cuban Background   The story of Cuban success in the United States, of exiles in general, is known to most. An adventure defying destiny with a happy ending for hundreds of thousands...

The New Einstein is a Woman with a Cuban Background

The New Einstein is a Woman with a Cuban Background
abril 30
11:58 2016


The story of Cuban success in the United States, of exiles in general, is known to most. An adventure defying destiny with a happy ending for hundreds of thousands of exiles who have had to start at point zero in the many countries that have welcomed them, in many instances past their prime, not only did not discourage them, but rather spurred them on. This successful journey, in addition, is also the norm for their descendants, the children of exiles, more evident as the years go by and Cuban immigrants branch out.

A notable example is that of Cuban-American Sabrina Pasterski González, now considered one of most brilliant young minds in the field of Physics and science in general. “This young lady’s research has the world of physics all abuzz,” says the site Martí Noticias. “She’s exploring very difficult and complex matters in physics, as did Albert Einstein in his youth – his theory of relativity just celebrated its hundredth birthday – and Stephen Hawking. Pasterski is unraveling deep matters such as black holes, the nature of gravity and the relationship between space and time”.

Sabrina was born 22 years ago to a Cuban mother, María González, and an American father, Mark Floyd Pasterski. From the time she was very young, she has shown great aptitude for abstraction and her ever-growing inventiveness is evident. All that, added to a sense of freedom, undoubtedly inherited from her parents: “The first time I got on a plane I knew exactly what I was going to do the rest of my life…I felt free”, she has told the press repeatedly. Free to create and recreate anew ideas that would not have been possible in the Cuba of the past 60 years.

Sabrina aims to conquer the universe. To launch a spaceship she has built herself. To establish a settlement in Mars. It is not all childish fantasies or the tantrums of a spoiled child, because this young lady that keeps a good part of the scientific community on its toes was able to build and pilot a small plane when barely thirteen. “I know it sounds impossible, but if you work at it, all can come true”, says Sabrina about her project of reaching “the red planet”. “I’m always thinking, what have I done lately? I always try to have a goal”.

Amazon, NASA and others

Two professors from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Allen Haggerty and Earl Murman, tried to get Sabrina into their school after seeing a video of the young woman building her plane. They were so impressed, they tried their best to get her accepted and finally met their goal. When she finished college with a maximum average of 5.00, quotes Spanish news reporter and blogger, Beatríz de la Rosa, Sabrina “began her doctoral studies at Harvard studying black holes, the nature of gravity and the relationship between space and time. She has made it a point to better understand the marvels of quantum gravity”.

“No one is born wise, asking for help is the best formula to achieving your goals”, says Sabrina, showing a common sense that is rare at her age. Her counselor, Harvard professor Andrew Strominger, who has published with the very noted Stephen Hawking, has praised her consistently. Her work in space travel has called the attention of several of NASA’s famous minds. Indeed, the young Cuban-American has received hundreds of thousands of dollars in scholarships from the Hertz Foundation, the Smith Foundation and the National Endowment for Science. And, attractive work offerings such as that recently made by Amazon founder Jeff Bezos and aerospace development and production company, Blue Origin, who incidentally – and never better said – was brought up by his Cuban stepfather, Miguel Bezos. Another interesting story about the relationship between the success of entrepreneurs and exiled Cubans in the United States.

“The new Einstein is a woman of Cuban background”, say analysts, journalists and scientists throughout the world. In 2015, Forbes magazine named her one of the most important scientists in the world in the under-30 category.   Meanwhile, Sabrina Pasterski González has this to say from her modest dorm at Harvard: “This is not a 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. job for me. When you’re tired, you sleep, and when you’re not, you study Physics”.

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Sobre el autor

Armando Añel

Armando Añel

Armando Añel (La Habana, 1966). Ghost Writer, fue periodista independiente en Cuba. En 1999 recibió el Primer Premio de Ensayo de la fundación alemana Friedrich Naumann. Ha sido columnista de periódicos como Tiempos del Mundo, Libertad Digital y Diario las Américas, y editor de revistas como Perfiles, Encuentro de la Cultura Cubana, Islas y, actualmente, Herencia Cultural Cubana. Ha publicado las novelas "Apocalipsis: La resurrección" y "Erótica", la compilación de relatos "Cuentos de camino", los poemarios "Juegos de rol" y "La pausa que refresca" y las biografías "Instituto Edison: Escuela de vida" y "Jerónimo Esteve Abril, apuntes y testimonios", entre otros. Vive en Miami.

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