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We Want 101 Intellectuals Into Our ‘Ark’

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We Want 101 Intellectuals Into Our ‘Ark’

We Want 101 Intellectuals Into Our ‘Ark’
Octubre 03
15:44 2016


ARCA, an independent foundation, a new way to promote culture, has recently been created.

Unlike existing organizations which aim at submitting culture to restrictions, based on a rigid ideology or on official guidelines, the main objectives of ARCA are the defense of universal cultural values and freedom of thought, in accordance with Human Rights and with the very principles of democracy.

ARCA is committed to promoting solutions to the political and social problems that have an impact in the world, limit the development of culture, and that necessarily have to be faced. For instance, ARCA aims at ensuring that the arts, science and education are granted more visibility in the media, which are currently dominated by hedonistic news and offers. The arts, science and education must be freed from prejudice and from elitist, dogmatic and ideological monopolies that keep us away from culture and arts as well as from the memory of the past and future, and that are plunging us in the abyss of nonsense, and in ethical and cultural relativism.

ARCA is also committed to creating links between culture and economy (by involving companies in cultural programs, and promoting a more cultured economy); by encouraging public institution to take interest in independent culture; by integrating culture into life; by bringing culture to the streets, homes, recreation centers, parliament halls and even city walls through new methods.

In fact, ARCA is a new form of political and intellectual awareness within the cultural landscape. It is a study center proposing and promoting initiatives related the new culture of the 21st century conceived as a revival. ARCA rejects stratified limitations and norms.

Signature Campaign to Support ARCA

Armando de Armas, Cuban-American; journalist, novelist and essayist.

Antonio Ramos, Cuban-American, writer, architect and journalist.

Carlos Carralero, Italo-Cuban writer and poet.

Marco Fabio Garozzo, Italian, engineer.

Saturnino Polom, Cuban-American, journalist and writer.

Anna Sotelo, Cuban-American, architect and literate.

Dario Fertilio, Italo-Dalmatian, journalist and writer.

Vladimir Bukovsky, the Anglo-Russian writer and scientist.

Armando Añel, Cuban-American, writer and editor

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Correo Circulante

Correo Circulante

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